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Craniosacral Therapy in Aberystwyth and surrounding area

Welcome to the website of Richard Evans, registered Craniosacral therapist.
I now live in Aberystwyth where I am offering treatments

This therapy works well to help deal with the consequences of stress. Often symptoms like poor sleep, back-ache, migraine, IBS, colic in babies can be related to stress and trauma. Craniosacral therapy can help to restore equilibrium and enable the body to regain good health.

Craniosacral therapy is often found to be helpful for young babies in settling them after a difficult birth. Many babies with colic have found relief through craniosacral therapy. Fractious babies can become sunny after a few treatments. People with long-term migraines have found their symptoms much eased by craniosacral therapy

I am available to give treatments in Aberystwyth, so anyone from the town or surrounding area , including Aberaeron and Machynlleth, will have easy access.
This therapy helps to restore the body to health and balance and works on the whole person, rather than treating symptoms. This often means that the relaxation and sense of well-being you experience help aches and stiffness in the joints and musculo-skeletal system. Good sleep and a clear head often result from treatments. If you suffer from insomnia, backache or migraine, this may be a beneficial treatment.
Many people prefer to use complementary therapies like craniosacral therapy to deal with stress-related conditions. I have known insomnia sufferers sleep properly for the first time in many years. Some patients tell me their backache disappeared after a few treatments. Again, I have seen people with debilitating migraines manage without medication after some craniosacral treatments.

I am a craniosacral therapist registered with the Craniosacral Therapy Association. For more detail on craniosacral therapy, please turn to that page on the website.

If you need diagnosis and medication, then you need to go to your GP. In many cases however, craniosacral therapy enhances the natural immunity of the body, so that patients may need less medication for insomnia, backache or migraine.

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