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CST-clients speak #01

CST - patients speak

The following feedback from patients reflects their experience of the treatment. Your experience may not be the same, but it is important to understand the process involved.

SS from Burton writes,
I took my four month old baby daughter to see Richard after
severe bouts of unexplained crying since she was two weeks old. I had
exhausted every other remedy and was honestly at the end of my
tether, stressed and upset to see my baby so distressed every day. After
reading about cranio-sacral therapy I took baby to see Richard. I felt
immediately at ease and found Richard kind, understanding and very honest
about possible results from treatment. I still to this day do not fully
understand how the treatment worked but it did work for us. I was stunned
to find the results immediate. I now have a baby that sleeps, the screaming
has stopped and I have a happy and content little girl. We visited Richard
in total 4 times over 3 weeks and have not needed to return. Baby is now 7
months old and is thriving. I cannot recommend cranio-sacral therapy enough
or speak more highly of Richards approach and professionalism. Our sanity
is now restored!
Thank you so much x

Toni Duesbury wrote:I first took my daughter to see Richard when she was 13 weeks old,
following a recommendation from my health visitor. Following a very
traumatic labour and birth, my daughter arrived into this world a very
fretful, inconsolable and restless baby who cried such a lot of the
time. After 3 months of this behaviour and having exhausted all
possible causes and solutions, all to no avail, I was beginning to
give up hope of my daughter ever being happy or contented. The impact
of her behaviour and constant crying was so destructive on the whole
family, not to mention how distressing it was to see your baby like
this and not be able to help her.

After the initial visit, Chloe slept very deeply and peacefully and
was definitely calmer but I still felt there was some way to go. Now,
following three further visits, I am sat here with my little girl,
contentedly playing on her play mat, who hardly ever cries, except for
the usual reasons babies cry. The difference over four weeks is
amazing and has changed all of our lives for the better. It's just
wonderful to see my daughter enjoying being here and smiling and
laughing and looking to contented.

I can't praise or recommend Richard enough, not only for the treatment
he performed and it's success, but also on his approach, his interest
and kindness and respect towards Chloe and I fully intend to re visit
to experience some of this for myself!

The experiences described may not be the same for every patient, but they do give an idea of what is possible in a few treatments.

Margaret Costello (Staffordshire) writes:
I first came to Richard and Craniosacral Therapy when I had been suffering with a stiff shoulder for approximately eighteen months. Having tried various other options, acupuncture, physiotherapy and osteopathy, nothing had made any noticeable difference.
I wasn’t expecting cranio-sacral therapy to be an instant fix, so was prepared to settle into the treatment and see what happened. It took some months and I was actually giving up on any long term relief for my frozen shoulder, however, I had a feeling of well being that I hadn’t experienced before and was therefore happy to continue.
It happened quite suddenly and unexpectedly, my body seemed to tune in to the problem with my shoulder and the results were extraordinary, amazing, fascinating and a little bit scary to someone who has never experienced the body healing itself before.
I can’t thank Richard enough for his professionalism, dedication, patience and understanding , I was within a week or two totally pain free, no more stiff shoulder.
Earlier this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Once again I turned to Richard and cranio-sacral therapy. They have helped me cope, firstly with the trauma of such a diagnosis and then the trauma of the operation itself and thirdly the very severe drug treatment regime which I had to put my body through. I’ve had some very dark days, and my body has had to endure more than a body should and I know for certain that without the cranio-sacral therapy, my journey through this dreadful ordeal would have been so much more difficult, sometimes almost impossible to cope with. Richard and cranio-sacral therapy have brought me through, one step at a time. For which I thank him most sincerely.

Do you have public liability insurance?
Yes, I have to have it to be a member of The Association of Reflexologists and as a Registered Craniosacral therapist. I am insured up to £5m.

Do I have to be a believer, for the treatments to work?
No, frequently, sceptical people are amazed at the effects the therapies can have. The treatments work on the body directly and circumvent the brain. Sceptics find it hard to let go at first, but they quickly come to value the deep relaxation the treatments bring.

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