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Cranio-sacral therapy

What is cranio-sacral therapy?

Cranio-sacral therapy is a gentle supportive therapy, which enables the patient to relax at a deep level. Craniosacral therapy works with the whole person and changes may occur in body, mind and spirit. By making very light contact with the hands on the body, the cranio-sacral therapist encourages the patient to become more aware of what is going on in the body. The patient feels safe and this can enable deep releases of tension to occur.

What happens in a treatment session?

The therapist begins by taking a case-history, asking questions about specific ailments and the genereal state of your health. You will then be asked to lie down on a couch, fully clothed with your shoes off. If you are unhappy lying down, you can remain seated. Your therapist will then start the treatment, by touching you very lightly on different parts of the body and head. At times it may seem as if nothing is going on, but the therapist needs to tune in to your system and that takes time. The beauty of the treatment is that it is so gentle,it allows the body to make its own adjustments. The patient is in control and the therapist works with what the system presents. The whole session lasts about an hour. You may feel heat, tingling, pulsing, a feeling of heaviness, or a sense of profound relaxation. Everyone is different , so the best way to find out is to try it yourself.

How does it work?

When a craniosacral therapist places his hands lightly on you,he is using them to listen to you in much the same way that a counsellor might listen to your words. You body responds to this sensitive touch by beginning ot listen to itself. A feeling that you have been heard in the truest sense of the word is a common experience during and after a craniosacral session. By becoming deeply relaxed, the patient allows the healing mechanisms of the body to take over.

What kinds of people can it help?

Cranio-sacral therapy has been used all over the world to enhance well-being and promote relaxation. Many of my patients have reported significant changes in some of their underlying conditions and have experienced new vitality and joie de vivre after treatment. For example, people who are stressed for various reasons have experienced relief from tension and people having trouble sleeping have found the deep relaxation helpful in restoring a good sleep pattern. If you want to know how craniosacral therapy might help your condition, please contact me by email or phone to ask more specific questions.

What about treating babies and young children?

Cranio-sacral therapy is ideal for young babies, because of its gentleness.
Babies are often traumatised after birth. They may have been compressed in the birth canal for many hours, or had a difficult birth. Cranio-sacral therapy can restore balance and calm to a baby in shock,and parents of young babies who came to me have reported positive changes in their child's well-being. Fractious children may become sunny after a few treatments. If these problems around birth are not resolved, they may persist into childhood and adolescence. The cost of a treatment for a baby or child is £30 for the first treatment and £20 for subsequent treatments, (45 and 30 minutes respectively).

How many treatments should I have?

This is a subtle treatment, so it becomes profounder, the more you have it. I recommend that people have three to start with and then discuss the continuing treatment with me. Many patients do get benefit even from the first treatment. One patient said, 'It was like chiropractic without the pain.'

What does it cost?

You can have a free 15 minute consultation to ask any questions you may have and to meet me. The treatments last around an hour and the cost is £45per session.
Three treatments paid in advance are £120.

Craniosacral Therapy. female receiving treatment

Craniosacral Therapy. In my treatment room

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